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CheckGuard Overdraft Service 

Having a check returned due to insufficient funds can be costly, inconvenient and embarrassing. So to protect our customers from additional fees or other problems that can occur when a check is returned, we offer CheckGuard on your checking account to protect you from unexpected overdrafts. CheckGuard allows you to overdraw your account in order to pay a transaction. This service can help you avoid returned items but does include our normal NSF or overdraft fee.

What does CheckGuard cover?

All checking accounts are offered the option to opt into the CheckGuard services listed below either at account opening or at any point thereafter.

ACH - Automatic Debits Yes
Recurring Debit Card Payments Yes
Online Bill Pay Items Yes
Online Banking Transfers Yes
Telephone Banking Yes
At The Teller Window Yes
ATM Transactions Yes
Everyday Debit Card Transactions Yes

For more information click here. If you have additional questions about CheckGuard, please call 1-888-464-BANK (2265) or visit a Sonabank branch.