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Kasasa at Work

Add an employee benefit that doesn't subtract from your bottom line.

Showing your employees appreciation for their hard work is something we'd all like to do more of. But it can often create a drain on resources — both time and money.

Provide an additional perk to your employees, facilitated through Sonabank. We give you everything you need. The only investment asked of you — simply letting them know internally about our free Kasasa® accounts that reward in ways that matter.

Help employees make the most of their money with a free Kasasa checking account.

All Kasasa accounts feature:

  • No monthly fees — ever
  • Monthly reward payouts
  • Nationwide ATM withdrawal fee refunds
  • No minimum balance to earn rewards

Plus, receive these Sonabank rewards:

No work required from you.

The Kasasa at Work program is incredibly easy to establish — no work or money needed.

What you can expect from us:

  • We will provide you with an email, posters, and other materials that explain the program and motivate employees to open an account.
  • We will personally set up an on-site kickoff of the program with a Sonabank representative (should you choose).

All in all, your level of commitment: hitting the "send" button and taping up a poster or two. Showing your appreciation has never been easier or more cost effective!

The Kasasa at Work program makes it easy to give back to your employees, which is always good for morale.

Interested in building goodwill, without spending a dime?

Speak to a Sonabank representative about participating in the Kasasa at Work program. Contact us today!