Sona 24/7
Deposit checks online in minutes!

Drastically improve the speed of your bank deposits!

Sona 24/7 is ideal for landlords,
property managers, medical professionals,
and any other businesses that accept checks!

At Sonabank, we are a market leader in banking technology, and we have created Sona In-House to empower our business customers. Now you have total control over how, when, and where your checks will be deposited for your business!
  • No deposit slips or trips to the bank...deposit checks online in minutes!
  • Get 24 to 48 hour access to all funds!
  • View check deposits and returns in real-time, 24/7
  • Easily export data to other programs

Sona 24/7 uses the new Check Truncation technology outlined by the 'Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act', passed in October 2004.  This act allows banks to have a universal technique for processing checks. With Check Truncation, paper checks can now be converted to electronic images and processed between participating banks, vastly speeding up the check clearing process. Sona 24/7 passes on the benefits of Check Truncation directly to Sonabank's business customers! Sonabank has branch locations in Virginia and Maryland.

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