Cash Management Products
Check scanning, lockbox accounts, ACH transactions

Sona InHouse

No more trips to the bank! Save money on travel time and bookkeeping expense with Sona InHouse! Sonabank will provide your business with a check scanner and using your existing Internet connection you can scan checks right from your desk into your bank account.

Web Lockbox

Alternatively Sonabank will open a lockbox in your company name, retrieve your incoming checks, and deposit them directly into your account! The images of the checks will then be available for you to view online at your leisure. This makes bookkeeping for your business fast and easy, and because Sonabank is checking your box daily, your funds will often be available sooner! Big businesses have been using lockboxes for decades as a cash management tool. Now Sonabank is making this service cost effective for all small and medium sized businesses as well.

Sona Cash Manager

Sona Cash Manager is a funds transfer initiation system that allows commercial customers to originate ACH transactions. With Sona Cash Manager, you can use your PC to initiate transactions such as direct deposit of payroll, consumer debits and credits, and vendor payments.

Sona Cash Manager is safe and easy to use. The product features an extensive security system and an enhanced data import system that can import any NACHA formatted file. The product also features summary windows that allow rapid dollar updates, and list windows to organize your business’ data in groups for quick reference. You can store your business’ databases of ACH transactions on the server for easy access.

Put Sona Cash Manager to work for your business today!

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