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How do I open an account?
Visit any Sonabank branch location and one of our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you with an opening an account.
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What is Sonabank’s routing (ABA) number?
Sonabank’s routing number is 051409278.

Where can I get BillPay Help?
Click here, then select a topic to find answers to your Bill Pay questions.

Are Sonabank deposit accounts FDIC insured?
Yes, each depositor at Sonabank is insured by the FDIC up to $250,000.00. The FDIC insures the safety of checking and savings deposits in member banks up to the insurance limit.
Click here for further information and valuable links provided by the FDIC.

How can I sign up for online banking?
You will need to fill out a short application. Once approved, you can begin using online banking immediately.
To apply for online banking (personal or business), click here.

How do I order or reorder checks?
Ordering checks can be taken care of online, over the phone, or in person. To order over the phone,
please call 1-877-275-4427. To order in person, please visit a Sonabank branch location near you.
To reorder checks online, click here.

How can I report a lost or stolen debit card and get a replacement?
If your debit card has been lost or stolen, you should report the missing card immediately. During business hours contact your local branch as soon as possible. After hours call 1-800-523-4175, option 2 to report your lost or stolen debit card. Contact your local branch on the next business day to order a replacement card.

How do I change my address or phone number?
Visit any Sonabank branch location and one of our customer service representatives will be able to assist you. You will need to provide your account number(s), previous address, and new address.

How do I register for eStatements?
eStatements are now available through Sonabank’s online banking system. Once you log in to online banking, you can access eStatement enrollment by selecting the “Options” tab at the top of the page. Scroll down to the eStatement enrollment section at the bottom of the Options page where you will be able to complete the eStatement enrollment process.

How can I setup Direct Deposit for payroll?
Provide your employer with a completed direct deposit enrollment request form from Sonabank. You can also ask if your employer or payor (the company or agency who pays you) offers Direct Deposit services. If yes, your payor may need you to complete a form or provide a voided check to process your request for Direct Deposit.

Where can I use my debit card?
You can use your Sonabank debit card at any locations where Visa® is accepted. All purchases made with your debit card will be automatically deducted from your checking account and appear on your monthly statement. Deductions can also be viewed at any time through SonaOnline, our internet banking service. The Sonabank debit card also offers a quick and easy way to retrieve cash from your account through ATM’s on the Plus and Star Systems. Fees may apply for non-Sonabank ATM’s.

How does online billpay work?
Online billpay allows you to set up the companies and individuals you want to pay by entering their information including name, address, phone number, and account number. Select the company or individual you would like to pay and then enter a payment amount and date you want payment received.

Who do I talk to about setting up Remote Deposit Capture?
Contact Commercial Services at 540-428-5435.

What are the cut off times to initiate same day wires?
The cut off times online are 1pm for Domestic wires and 11am for International wires.
The cut off times in the branch are 2pm for Domestic wires and 12pm for International wires.

Has Sonabank checked for vulnerability to the Heartbleed bug?
Yes. Click here to learn why we believe we are not vulnerable, and to get more information about the bug.

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